Cellulite Mesotherapy

Female thigh

Female thigh

Today, the treatment of cellulite seen in 85% of women in various degrees also benefit from mesotherapy. Mesotherapy, correcting my microcirculation prevents edema formation in tissue, crunch the fat and provides reduction of fat nodules. It may improve the appearance of cellulite in the connective tissue restructuring impaired.

What is cellulite? Information about mesotherapy implementation in cellulite treatment.

Cellulite is the formation of intricate orange peel on the skin as a result of the deterioration in the subcutaneous fat and connective tissue for several reasons.

Why cellulite is more common in women?

In the women while fat cells that under the skin are parallel, connective tissue that separates these cells is positioned vertically. These bonds would have shortened in time due to reasons such as the female hormone estrogen, genetic structure, inactivity. This shortening of the bond, cause to collapse on skin thus bumpy orange peel appearance.

With the addition of these number of factors to structural predisposition to , facilitating the development of cellulite in various degrees.

Today, 85% of women is seen to varying degrees. Most commonly in the hip, legs, the lower abdomen but can also occur in arm.

What is the reason of cellulite?

As well as genetic and hormonal factors in the development of cellulite as well, rich unbalanced diet in terms of fat and carbohydrates, sedentary life, smoking and alcohol habits, tight clothing and adversely affected the movement with high heels preferences are also accused.

The presence of cellulite can cause social anxiety in people. Thus, in the treatment process may be faced with the promises that are not realistic, mental and physical abuses. The presence of cellulite, degree and other problems accompanying should be evaluated by a specialist in the field and person must determine a specific treatment protocol.

How to treat cellulite?

Due to the variety of reasons that facilitate the formation of cellulite, also treatment should be versatile. Considering the ongoing structural difference is a factor in women, continue to struggle with cellulite is concerned. Acquisition of a balanced diet, regular and sustained exercise program in addition to the kind of treatment methods are available.

Is cellulite mesotherapy effective in cellulite treatment?

One of the most effective methods is the cellulite mesotherapy. Mesotherapy is a medium skin treatment.Medicines that taken orally or injected into the body may not reach adequate concentrations on problematic tissue. The Mesotherapy is a procedure performed with a small injection into the troubled region. A therapeutic dose of the drug problem areas allows application without the risk of systemic side effects. A therapeutic dose of medicine to the problem areas allows implementation without the risk of systemic side effects.

What does cellulite mesotherapy do?

At mesotherapy ready medicine mixtures may be used depending on the patient and the physician may also generate a drug cocktail. In cocktails, takes place medicines that will accelerate blood circulation, to regulate, to transmit the signals from the breakdown of fat, to regulate the organization of connective tissue. Thus, mesotherapy prevents edema formation in tissue by restoration of microcirculation, crack the fat nodules and provides reduction of fat. It provides improved appearance of cellulite with restructure the impaired connective tissue.

How to apply cellulite mesotherapy?

Cellulite mesotherapy will stimulate the microcirculation, mixed connective tissue to hold active ingredients applied with thin and short needles. Cellulite mesotherapy, number of injections, the size of area to be treated, the problem will vary, depending on the localization.

Is cellulite mesotherapy painful? Are there any side effects of mesotherapy for cellulite?

At cellulite mesotherapy , the pain is very low. The injected medicine is almost no passage to the systemic circulation. Formed during the process mild redness and bruising is completely temporary.

Cellulite mesotherapy must be how many sessions?

The number of sessions, is determined by the stage of cellulite and the structural characteristics of the person. 10 sessions a week is usually sufficient cure. However, cellulite treatment chronic. With balanced diet, the release of harmful habits, regular exercise, and cellulite mesotherapy repeated with certain intervals with having a smooth skin appearance is not a dream.