Dark Under-Eye Circles Mesotherapy

On our face under and around the eyes area are the most delicate and sensitive skin that we have. And also the area that reveal the effects of time the fastest and least resistant to the effects of environmental. Changes that created by lifestyle or last time show itself again around the eyes. Skin dryness increases, the eyelids and around the eyes get thinner with the loss of elasticity. Muscle tone decrease and develops small wrinkles and eye bags. The cause of the development of darkness around the eyes can be genetic factors also may be factors that cause to expand the veins around the eyes. Among the factors there are allergic structure, circulatory disorders, stress, lack of sleep, fatigue, drug use and aging.

Thus, mesotherapy can be applied to delay the deformation over time and to reduce the darkness around the eyes will be developed for environmental reasons. Around the eyes mesotherapy should be special, mesotherapy mixture to be used should be appropriate for this area.

Which substances used in mesotherapy around the eyes?

For around the eye mesotherapy, ascorbic acid in the eye area, which is a potent antioxidant SOD, hexapeptide, ubiquinone, rosmarinus, vitamins and minerals are used.

How mesotherapy is applied around the eyes?

Person who implement the mesotherapy must be a doctor specialized in the field. In this area injection of a small amount of material are planned by using at the appropriate depth, subtle small needles.

How many seances mesotherapy is applied around the eyes?

Mesotherapy is applied 1-2 week intervals around the eyes 4 seances may be planned according to results more 2 seances.

Is mesotherapy around the eyes painful?

Prior to application, the implementation of topical anesthetic creams enables you a painless operation.

Which other methods can be combined with mesotherapy around the eyes?

Mesotherapy around the eyes, can be combined with under-eye light fill. but for the plan of combined therapies, suitability of tissue must be evaluated.