Stain Mesotherapy

Dark discoloration on the skin can be naturally. It also can occur later in life as sun stain, age stain, pregnancy stain, acne stain, freckles, stain that are formed after any injury, benign or malignant skin tumor. The diagnosis of stain before stain treatment planning must be done correctly. Stain should be evaluated by a dermatologist.

What is stain mesotherapy?

Stain mesotherapy is to inject some agents which are used for stain treatment to the area.

What are the ingredients used in stain mesotherapy?

The most commonly used active ingredients in stain mesotherapy are vitamin C, multivitamin cocktails, tranexamic acid, glutathione and tissue configurator

How often and how many sessions are applied in stain mesotherapy?

Stain mesotherapy is applied 4-6 seances every week or every two week. Implementation range and number of seances can vary if combined with any method.

What methods can be combined with stain mesotherapy?

Stain mesotherapy can be combined with, a type of topical stain treatmant chemical, enzymatic peeling which is color-on capability, with medicines(creams) or with implementations such as laser therapy or tissue regeneration with PRP but with the requirement to plan.
At laser treatment, appropriate treat is choosen according to the stain. Sometimes erbium or carbon dioxide fractional lasers that may be effective on stain s or in providing collagen stimulation is used. And sometimes espcially for sun and age stains, Q switch laser treatment is used. This treatment is only apply on stains.

What are the conditions to be considered during and after the stain mesotherapy?

The role of the sun in stain formation and growth is pretty great. For this reason, the right sun protection is an essential part of any stain treatment. We must protect ourselves from sun not only in summer but olsa in snowy winter days because of UBV rays. Effectiveness of protective cream lasts 3-4 hours and reduced contact with sweat or water. It must be repeated often. These precautions will prevent darkening of the stains and the formation of new, but there is need to apply some treatment to combat stains. The point of the treatment is to recognize the stain right.