Non-Operative Silhouette Face Lift

Non-operative face lift is applied by placing soluble and different technologies products of surgery threads in the different layers of skin. Especially may improve the correction of facial contour that lost over time and the triggering of positive restructuring process. We can also also improve the image of the volume lost as a result of that.

Which threads are used for non-operative silhouette face lift?

Rope used in Non-operative face lift as PDO (Polydioxanone) and PLA (poly-l-lactic acid) are type of thread that can stimulate the restructuring of the melting process and completely soluble in tissue. These ropes are also nonalergic and having a structure which is soluble in tissue.

How lon non-operative silhouette face lift implementation takes?
While changes visibly achieved in a very short time as 30 minutes, daily life can still be without loss labor.

Non-operative silhouette face lift is applicable to who?
It is a method that can be applied in person with no loss of very intense elasticity or without excessive sagging of the face and in the situation of facial contours failure. It is a method that can be applied to both men and women generally in the 30-65 age range.

Whic areas can be treat?

  • Facial contour
Mandibular line
  • Middle face and cheeks

No-operative silhouette face lift is a procedure that must be performed by an experienced physician in clinical conditions without the need for the operating room and general anesthesia. Keeping the face steep and keep ice of a short time after the operation reduces the risk of edema. After non-operative face lift, must be refrain from any action that will create pressure on the face, such as boarding or excessive mimic. With non-operative face lift visible results are obtained instantly. In time clinical well-being situation is preserved by triggering the formation of new collagen in the skin.