Lips by time…

Lips are one of the most attractive areas on our face when looked. Sometimes, because of advancing age, our lip’s volume decreases, it turns down a combination of upper and lower lips, sometimes lips are thin compared to our structural facial or are asymmetrical.

What’s the solution may be to the lack of volume or asymmetry?

Nowadays, hyaluronic acid fillers can use to solve the lack of volume in the lip or lip asymmetry problems.

What is hyaluranic acid fill?

Hyaluronic acid fillers are obtained by cross-linking the hyaluronic acid in the laboratory, one of the main building blocks of our body.

Which hyaluranic acid fillers are preffered in the lips?

While planning the lip fill, filler produced according to the problem of lip and in accordance with lip structure.

What should be considered when planning the lip filler?

While planning the lip fill, should be paid attention to the lip structure, asymmetry of the lips and lip rate according to the face, upper lip and lower lip. Every face’s lip volume and type need is differen so that the planning must be individualized. The aim of the plan is create a natural volume compatible with the face, and to overcome the existing asymmetries.

How to apply the lip filler?

The produced hyaluronic that in injector is applied according to the desired shape.

Is lip fill implementation painful?

Lip filler is applied whit the implementation of a topical anesthetic cream 30 minutes before or with local anesthetic. Thus lip filling can be performed painless.

What is the longevity of lip fillers, when it melts?

After implementation of lip filler permanence varies from person to person and according to the material used.

What are the conditions to be considered after lip fill?

After implementation of lip filler it is neccesery to avoid movements that extreme opener or pucker also shouldn’t contact with extremely cold or hot beverages. The doctors may want to take additional measures specific to the person.