Hair loss and hair mesotherapy

Determination of the cause of hair loss and for this reason should be planned treatment. Hair loss, thyroid dysfunction, lack of certain vitamins and minerals, some diseases that can cause anemia and anemia, among the reasons. Sometimes the results of all tests performed for any reason can not be identified. In these situations, season passes or distress, such as stress factors should be remembered.

One cause could not be determined, our way to help the scalp and hair follicles is the hair mesotherapy.

What involves hair mesotherapy?

Hair mesotherapy that applied for hair loss may include, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and tissue regulators with antioxidants.

At hair loss, what does it do hair mesotherapy?

With hair mesotherapy application increases blood circulation of tissue, thereby increase the nutrition of hair follicles. Follicle that increase its nutrition starts to lengthen the residence time in the tissue. Can be observed increase in hair and roots which not lost.

At hair loss, how to apply hair mesotherapy?

The mixture prepared according to the person administered by injection in small portions with fine and small needle.

Is hair mesotherapy application painful?

In implementation of Hair Mesotherapy, the use of mesotherapy gun make the process painless and provides both the patient as well as to live a more comfortable treatment processes practitioner physician.

Hair mesotherapy should be applied how many seance?

The treatment plan must be made to the cause of hair loss and the number of sessions should be organized accordingly. For hair loss 6 seances due to seasonal transition is sufficient. However, cases that accompany any disease treatment should be applied concomitan to actual treatment. But if the loss is hormones origin, should be held at least 10 sessions of and the treatment should be continued as opening session interval in progress.

Therefore, to determine the cause of textured scalp and hair structure scalp should be starting point.

Hair mesotherapy and PRP (platelet-rich plasma) can be applied together?

Hair mesotherapy and practical combination of PRP. Successive treatments of hair mesotherapy and in need of touch both with the implementation of PrP vitamins and minerals provided both much more isolated growth factor is isolated from normal PRP were injected to the scalp, hence the effect is increased.