Under-eye Light Fill

What are the reasons of under-eye circles and bugles?

Undereye-circles and structural or later developed space under the eyes can cause us to look more tired and pale. Staying up, extreme fatigue, rapid weight loss in a short time, irregular and unhealthy diet, environmental factors that cause more purple and sunken eye view.

How can be resolved the sunker under-eye area?

Under-eye area’s being sunker than skin level can be resolved with under-eye light filling implementation.

What is under-eye light fill?

Under-eye light fill is contain beside cross-lined hyaluranic acid, non-crossedline hyaluranic acid, vitamin, mineral, amino acid.

What are benefits of under-eye light fill?

Under-eye light fill give volume thanks to crossed-line hyaluranic acid. While maintaining its presence at the area where it’s injected, continue to support and feed the tissue from inside thanks to other ingredients.

How to apply under-eye light fill?

The under-eye light fill’s has a form ready for injection. After under-eye analysis has done, it inject with a safe device called nuddle or cannula. Under-eye light fill mus be implemented accordint to patients’ need.

Are there different forms of under-eye light fill?

In the form that can be use for under-eye circle treat the vitamin, mineral, amino acid mix is into the non-crossedline hyaluranic acid. This form of light filling is applied to the skin surface in the form of mesotherapy. Its aim is to increase the humidity of tissue and let active vitamin, mineral content show antioxidantn activity.