Acne Scars Treatment

There are different methods of treatment that can be safely used for acne scar treatment it. In acne scar treatment, lasers in particular fractional laser, chemical peels, small skin surgery and fillers are used. The point is the classified of acne scar. After acne scar identified properly he appropriate one of treatment options is selected or combined treatment in the correct order. Active acne treatment, if any, should be made prior to the acne scar treatment. The new acne which is left untreated is mean new acne scars.

Which acne causes acne scars more frequently?
* Cystic, nodular, deep-seatedand the one that inflammation is intense increases the risk of acne .
* Increased risk in the long term and the remained without treatment.
* Playing with acne will increase inflammation so increases the acne risk.
* Genetics plays an important role. Although we know most of the risks, even in safe situations we can see that scars can remain.
What is the mechanism of acne scars?
* In acne improvement period the production of collagen is stimulated by current therapeutic pathways. If in the improvement area more or less collagen is produced than necessary, resulting with scar. (With low depressed scars, many production hypertrophic scars can develop.)
Who should be treated?
* Acne scar treatment plan can be made with the person who causes the social difficulties in daily life.
What are the treatment costs?
* Treatment should be planned according to the type of scar. Different amounts are calculated in each case. I suggest you consult with your dermatologist for further information. Best results are achieved with a combination therapy.
For sunken acne marks;
– Laser treatment
– Chemical peels, Microdermabrasion – Fillings – Increase the production of collagen treatment (PRP stem cell – culture of fibroblasts, mesotherapy)
– Microneedling
– Subcision

For Hypertrophic acne scars;
– Intralesional injection
– Laser treatment
– Microsurgery
– Topicals (cream, gel, silicone bandages)