AWT (Acustic Wave Therapy)

Body shaping, regional thinning and cellulite treatment are performed with the latest technology AWT Ultra, which can regulate fat tissue, connective tissue, muscles and metabolic system, enabling full tissue activation.

Regional excesses that you can not get away with despite sports and proper diet in certain areas of the body, and the indented, protruding fat texture that appears from the surface of the skin is an important cosmetic problem. Fibrous bands containing aging collagen, which have lost enlarged fat cells and elasticity, are the result of cellulite formation, resembling the appearance of orange peel on the skin.

The fibrous bands are dissociated by applying acoustic waves to tissue with high frequency and amplitude and connective tissues are relaxed by forming new collagen-containing, flexible bending fibrous bands. This increase in blood circulation leads to an increase in the production of new collagen in the dermis and epidermis.

Creation of new collagen synthesis with high elastin increases skin elasticity and firmness. After this natural restructuring process, which is created on the skin after AWT application, a full layer of tightening and shaping, including skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscle layer, is created.

Why AWT for regional weight loss and cellulite treatment?

In the treatment of regional weakness and cellulite, where many different systems are applied, AWT provides full-layer activation by acting on the skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscle layer that is required for the outcome. It is a safe application that changes in a short time, without damaging the tissues. The short duration of application and the lack of application difficulties such as pain, pain, and hunger provide treatment comfort.

In which situations is AWT treatment applied?

  • 1) Regional thinning
  • 2) Cellulite treatment
  • 3) Regional tightening of skin and connective tissue.
  • 4) Removal of deformity after liposuction
  • 5) It is applied to correct the recesses and protrusions at the base of the scar traces.
Who does AWT apply to?

There is no age restriction on AWT practice in regional thinning treatment for regional stress management. It is mainly used in cellulite and regional examination in early age groups, but it is also effective in treatment of prolonged sagging in older age groups.

For which regions is the AWT application?

– Regional thinning treatment with AWT is applied to body parts where local lubrications such as abdomen, arm, leg, head and back are seen

– In the treatment of cellulite, the most frequently observed arm of the cellulite is applied to the inside and outside of the legs.

What is the AWT effect, when does it occur?

As a result of clinical studies with AWT, fat tissue loss and skin elasticity increase were reported in the application area where regional examination was requested after the applications. In dermis and epidermis irregularities in the treatment of cellulitis, improvements in the appearance of new collagen after 6 weeks of treatment were observed in ultrasonographic imaging follow-ups.

How is AWT implemented?

With AWT, regional weight loss and cellulite treatment should be arranged in 8-10 sessions for 4 to 5 weeks with 2 sessions per week, depending on the individual. This treatment, which we can describe as lunch break, takes 30-60 minutes on average and does not deteriorate the quality of life of the person.

What are the side effects that can occur after AWT application?

AWT, a safe application, may cause mild redness due to increased blood circulation in the area, but this side effect will take a short time and will not cause any restriction.

In which situations should AWT treatment be applied?

  • Kidney and liver failure
  • Heart failure, heart rate
  • Presence of uncontrolled diabetes
  • Coagulation disorders
  • Deep vein thrombosis
  • Pregnancy and lactation period

How can we improve the success and lasting effect of AWT therapy?

At least 3 times a week an average of 30-45 minutes walk will provide energy to burn the energy generated by AWT. The benefit of AWT is that the protein rich carbohydrates are supplemented by a poor diet, which increases the permanence of the results. During the application, drinking 2-3 liters of water a day, ensuring regular sleeping habits, and avoiding the consumption of materials such as cigarettes and alcohol are among the factors that make the effects provided by AWT permanent.