Laser Stain Treatment


Dark discoloration on the skin can be naturally. It also can occur later in life as sun stains, age stains, pregnancy stains, acne stains, freckles, stains that are formed after any injury, benign or malignant skin tumor. The diagnosis of stains before stain treatment planning must be done correctly. Stains should be evaluated by a dermatologist.

Before treatment planning, the diagnosis of stains must be done correctly. Stains should be evaluated by a dermatologist. Distinction of a skin tumors and a simple sunspot must be made correctly in terms of the treatment plan. While sunspots are treating by cosmetic reasons only a skin tumor may require surgery, medication or monitoring.

After the summer, sunspots are quite a common problem. After intense sun exposure or tanning skin produces more melanin pigment to protect itself. Women are more common. Generally settled on face where more sun exposed as above the lip, forehead and cheeks. In freckles, especially during sunny periods brown stains are got remarkable which in the cheeks, over the nose, on the forehead and chin. Losing the effect of the sun begins to decline. Sometimes oral medications, cosmetics applied on skin, perfumes or herbal contacts with sun exposure can cause to reaction and color darkening of the skin. During pregnancy or using the hormonal drugs can be increased the production of melanin pigment, especially in sun-exposed skin.

Proper protection from the sun in stain formation and growth is an indispensable part of any stain treatment. Not only in summer the time when sun is intense it should always be protected from the sun. Efficacy of sun creams takes 3-4 hours and reduced contact with the liquid so that it must be repeated so often. This measures prevent to darken the stain and the formation of new ones but for existing blemishes need to apply treatments. The point of the treatment is the recognition of the right spots. The therapeutic approach may be different for each stain. Treatment sometimes can only be planned in the form of chemicals such as the expulsion of topical decongestants color also can resume enzymatic peeling with peels, dermabrasion or with use of various lasers. Appropriate laser treatment in laser treatment is selected based stains. Sometimes erbium and carbon dioxide fractional laser are used that effective both for stain and ein providing of stimulation of collagen. Sometimes, especially in the sun and age stains treatment lasers which are applied on stain only are used.