Non-Operative Protege Elite Skin Tightening


What is Protege Elite Skin Tightening?

Protege Elite Skin Tightening is a new technology has also been a lot of awards. It apply lifting on the area with the strong skin. The implemantation called satin face lift doesn’t have neccesity for anesthesia, it is painless. Light redness after the procedure passes within minutes and people light facelift satin continues applied to daily life from where it left off.

How Protege Elite Skin Tightening works?

At the satin face lift that focused radiofrequency energy, form controlled heat by reaching deep skin layers from the surface of the skin generates a special header. With heat that generated by focused radiofrequency energy, the triple helical structure of collagen fibrils dissolve, natural healing fibroblasts alert is triggered and act to produce a new, healthy, high quality collagen. Also this thermal reaction cause the contraction of collagen fibrils in the tissue, and thus causing tissue tightening.

Is Protege Elite Skin Tightening depandable?

The biggest concern is the formation of the damage caused in the aesthetic practic. Protege Elite (satin face lift) device is composed active safety elements which provide a complete temperature control even when they are sent to maximum energy. Wrinkle reduction has confirmed By FDA (Food and Drug Administration). However, the first and only implemantation approval in the world that correct wrinkles around the eyes and eyelids. Protege Elite (satin face lift) gives notice to its tissue healing and regeneration therefore doesn’t carry the risk of allergies because the foreign substance is injected or contact.

How many seance shold be applied at the Protege Elite Skin Tightening?

Many patients feel improvement with the first session but recommended is 4-6 seance. Later in the seances, it is possible to observe the construction of new collagen in the tissue together in months by the strengthened effect .

Which areas are available to implemantion for Protege Elite Skin Tightening?

On the face, eyelids, eye area and around the cheekbones, nasolabial lines, lower face, neck, dcolleté and hands are applicable.

Protege Elite Skin Tightening (satin face lift) can be combined with other treatments?

Only Protege Elite (satin face lift) can be applied solo but also it can be combined with constructive treatments like applied or planned botulinum toxin, dermal fillers or PRP stem cell therapy, accordance with the planning of physicians.

Before and after implementation of Protege Elite (satin face lift) is there a case to be aware of?

Protege Elite (satin face lift) is a implemantation which has a painless process. Therefore, before the implemantation it doesn’t require topical anesthesia. Within minutes after implemantation the flush will be rotate. It doesn’t block normal daily life and can be easily applied in all seasons.