Milano Youth Peel

For skin problems such as stains, wrinkles, dull appearance, pore width we benefit from peels. However, after peeling to put a ban for theme of UV (sun, solarium) and peeling that will develop on the skin used to cause social isolation of patients. We therefore do not practice in the summer and we follow our patients because of the risk of any complications. Milan youth peel, distanced us from this problem after all.

Milan youth peeling, can be applied in all seasons due to not to cause hypersensitivity on the skin. TCA inside the peel is a strong acid that we know and apply for years. With a dose-dependent improvement process can cause social isolation of the patient or make collagen stimulation. This strong acid was neutralized with urea in pqag makes a strong stimulation of collagen in the skin without harming the skin surface. At the same time the regulation of color tone with kojic acid content provides an anti-aging effect by showing the property of the powerful antioxidant coenzyme Q10. All combinations of these active compounds allow us to build an effective treatment without damage.

Milano youth peeling is made by solution massage to the cleaned skin and the cleaning process is performed according to skin type 3-5 repetitions. During operation, lifting occurs at the implementation area instantly. Milan youth peels can be done according to need a total of 4-6 sessions at intervals of 7-10 days.

Milan youth peeling, can be applied on facial area and neck especially special occasions because of the impact flash lifting, decollete orit is applied to areas such as arm inside, inner leg.