What’s enzyme peeling (cosmelan – dermamel)?

Enzyme peeling starts with the implementationof a mask (stain mask) consisting of mixtures balanced excipients and active substances such asazelaic acid, kojic acid, ascorbic acid and phytic acid. Subsequently, a procedure that is used in creams and builders continue containing the same active ingredient.

What is the effect of the enzyme peels?

Acids and vitamins contained in the peeling provides opening of structured tissue of color. Enzyme Peel got its in name. Not show its actual effect with peeling show by blocking the enzyme in tissue. Experienced in the beginning of the treatment with mild peeling of the skin surface, reduce the intensity of the color in the skin cells.

Enzyme peeling is applied in what situation?

Enzyme peeling can be used to treat a scar occurred in the past. But the important point is to put the right diagnosis of the stain so it must go through stains must dermatologist control.

How to apply enzyme peels?

Enzyme peeling starts after cleaning tissue with the whitening solution and the preparation for the mask implementation that made in clinical conditions with the physician. The physician decides the waiting time according to skin type and at the result of this time mask is washed off. Then started to use products continue to be used in continuing treatment.

What kind of changes would be in the skin after enzyme peel?

After the mask is removed from the skin, redness in the area of application, replace with rosiness in a few days and then begin a mild peeling. After a week, stains on the skin start to disappear with the passage of the rosiness. After time as a state of well-being it can be achieved around 90% a month.

Before the implementation need to pay attention to what?

Implementation will cause irritation to the should be stopped two weeks ago, the last two days before men patients are allowed to shave for.

After the implementation need to pay attention to what?

After enzyme peel mask cleaned from the skin, doctors makes the layout of the continued treatment while skin mitigate with builders and sunscream. Especially in the first 24 hours after implementation it is normal to have a redness, slight swelling, burning sensation.

After the implementation within 30 days, need to pay attention to what?

Over a month after the implementation, is not recommended treatment as sauna, steam bath, solarium,and removal implementation. The use of protective sun cream is an indispensable part of every stpot treatment and should be repeated every 2-3 hours.

Enzyme peel is not applicable for whom?

Does not apply if there is open wounds or active infection in implementation area, also does not apply to acne rosacea in patients, cancer patients, the presence of chronic infection and in situation of pregnancy and lactation.

What are the advantages of the enzyme peel?

The damage will not be long after application, as well as for the does not contain the TCA the minimum effectiveness and in cases that protection from the sun so as to ensure full compliance with treatment provided applicable to each season of the year.