What is chemical peel?

Chemical peel is a implementation which can be used single sometimes or combined several agents to cause a damage on the depth that on the skin, creating a new tissue at the time of improvement of this controlled damage and to treat a variety of conditions with skin regeneration.

Which materials used when applying chemical peels?

At chemical peeling glycolic acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid, mandelic acid, trichloroacetic acid are used. According to the state of pathology sometimes single and sometimes also be applied in combination with the appropriate dose.

What does the substances used in chemical peels?

The acid type whic will be selected in chemical peel implementation to be determined according to the implementation. Alpha hydroxy acids (glycolic acid, lactic acid) are used to stimulate the skin, working to improve the resistance to deformation over time, to eliminate acne blemishes, than live under the skin surface thrown and applied for developing a good tissue in superficial and middle chemical peels. The salicylic acid is used for acned, oily, blacjheaded skin treatment. TCA, which providing deeper peels, is applied in situations such as severe acne scars. Deep peels is prolonged after the healing process.

Chemical peels are applied in what circumstances?

Chemical peeling can be applied when we want healtier and brighten skin surface, in the presence of scars after pregnancy or after-sun, for skin aging or at the presence of acne scars.

How many seance should be applied in chemical peel and seances must be at what intervals?

4-6 sessions at intervals of 2-4 weeks, when applied to the superficial chemical peels, medium depth when applied in deep peeling applied generally 2-4 sessions, one session is enough for 1-2 months apart.

In which situations chemical peel can’t apply?

Presence of active infection and open wound in the field of implementation, where the keloid susceptibility, presence of cancer, pregnancy, breastfeeding does not apply.

What are the conditions to be considered before the implementation of chemical peel?

Before the scheduled chemical peels skin should be evaluated by a dermatologist, after compliance has detected the patient should be informed in terms of depth of peel and about peel will be applied and healing process.

What are the conditions to be considered after chemical peel?

Patients should be adequately protected from the sun after chemical peels, 2-3 hours should use sunscreen cream and ıf necessary supportive, restorative creams should be used.