Non-Operative Face Lift

The new generation of skin rejuvenation systems are simultaneously do many operations. Over the last two years technology that focused on surgical face lift is used. In this sense, better results are seen with the first active radiofrequency devices results we observed in focusing the ultrasound. The Protege Elite is host of all systems and is the only system that can use them simultaneously.

The most important advantage of surgical satin face lift is used as hybrid. Using radiofrequency and ultrasound simultaneously, providing equal and uniform energy sharing. Only the heat generated in use of Focused Ultrasound provides a safer uniform. Obtain more homogeneous and lasting solution instead of aggressive single session brings not only patient comfort but also the expected satisfaction.

Another important issue was that Focused ultrasound energy was unavailable to around the lips because of high temperatures, for smoke traces, the nasolabiel field, in the middle and around the eye. The advantage was being able to apply to homogeneous and secure energy to eyelids. In non-surgical satin face lift we don’t need to the heat in high value assets for new connective tissue and collagen formation or the operation that requires anesthesia. Only 4 sessions a week is enough for the implementation. In terms of comfort the patient does not feel pain and suffering during practice, even secure wall of heat that under the skin of the patient t making them more comfortable. If it is required the implementation, an average of 45 minutes, can be done in a regional sense.

Persistence of the results,depending on the amount of activated collagen, although varies the patient’s age and skin. But if it will be more clear all the success rate will be higher than the oyhers is unavoidable. So you can also search in the internet by yourself everything about protege elite system without asking us. Such as Awards received worldwide, implementation videos, TV programs, comments about the device even famous patient outcomes, the certificates that it’s received. Or you can live and learn the non-surgical face lift satin Effect..