Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is the most modern way to permanently get rid of unwanted hair. The laser light used in laser hair removal is absorbed by the pigment cells in the hair follicles in the skin. It causes permanent damage to the hair follicle where it changes into heat energy. Through a variety of surface cooling methods used during laser hair removal. The skin to the hair follicle damage affected while having no more intense than the skin color of the affected cells in the hair follicle. Today, the most commonly used laser in laser hair removal, alexandrite, diode, and Nd-YAG lasers. Appropriate device is determined according to the skin color, hair type and color of the person.

Hair follicles are in 3 different phases as anagen (active), catagen and the telogen. The target of laser hair removal is active hair follicles that in seance. That is why there is no damage to the hairs at the first seance and there is a neccesity repeated occurs. The goal at the Laser hair removal id giving the appropriate device according to skin color, hair type and the area, and make hairs damaged. The target is the color in the hair follicles so that dark thick hair and light skin color combination will benefit from laser hair removal but very thin, white, yellow, and orange hairs don’t benefit from laser hair removal. The success can be supplied with different device preferences in people with darker skin color.

Laser hair removal could be apply over the age of 12 to the conformity evaluation of skin color determined person. Implementations that may cause people to be negative in the laser hair removal process a number of genetic and hormonal problems in terms of pre-epilation should be evaluated by a dermatologist during both sessions, a number of tests should be performed if necessary.

Laser hair removal, do not apply on the oral retinoid therapy areas which in the past six months, with the peaople who using medicines which increases the sensitivity of light , epilepsy patients, psoriasis, patients with inducible diseases such as vitiligo, in which the lesion suspicious pigment in the presence of infection in the area of implemantation, in pregnant and bronze skin and after solarium exposure.

Men and women are applicable. It can appley to the presence of body hair on any part suited. The duration of treatment varies depending on the implementation areas of the body to do. The pain of laser hair removal can be describe by the pain of the tire hitting to the skin. Around the implementation area redness, slight edema, transient burning sensation may occur, that can be reduce by a number of medication, side effects are sudden entirely temporary.

Pulling the hair follicle removal process should not be applied at least 3 weeks as wax , tweezers at the area of laser hair removal. Being rooted in the processing area only makes the transfer of energy to the hair follicle and the hair does not occur lets burn the skin surface by increased temperature.

Seances range should be determined according to body regions. While 30 percent of the body can be repeated daily until the time is 6-8 weeks. The number of seances can be seen on the faces of body treatments based on the results later implemantation could be higher. Laser hair removal’s goal is destruction of the root purpose. The light only reaches to the hair root, your body doesn’t get to another part or deeper tissues, it doesn’t hurt. Laser light doesn’t leave residue on the skin, doesn’t accumulate. There are no known long-term side effects. The use of high doses sufficient cooling to the skin or cause skin burns to the use of lower doses as might be triggering in different areas of the body hairs can be seen or ineffectiveness. It’s a safe procedure by choosing the appropriate device type according to skin and hair type and with an experienced practitioner.

Today we see that many places try to apply the laser hair removal with different prices and promises. By quality and cost of the device, laser hair removal is a cost implementation. Laser hair removal will be varies by the person’s genetic makeup, on whether additional disease and according to the type and color of skin and hair. Not to mention the and hundred percent loss of hair also the end can not be guaranteed. Must checked by a doctor and must be followed. When faced with price differences and guarantee promises to arouse suspicion must be questioned in the presence of this condition.